Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Zoo Storytime

We're going to the zoo! Do you have a favorite animal or animals?

Suggested Books:
Curious George Feeds the Animals
Curious George Goes to the Zoo
Dear Zoo
Escape of Marvin the Ape
Lion Named Shirley Williamson
Mr. Peek and the Misunderstanding at the Zoo
My Heart Is Like a Zoo
Never, Ever Shout in a Zoo
Put Me In the Zoo
Underpants Zoo
Welcome to the Zoo!
What's New at the Zoo?
Where's Walrus?
Wild About Books
Wild Alphabet
Wild Wombat
Zoo Do's and Don'ts
Zoo Girl
At the Zoo
Color Zoo
Curious George visits the Zoo
If I Ran the Zoo

Suggested Crafts:

A is for Animals!
What else does A stand for?

Animal Cracker Game
Play a fun version of charades using a bag of animal crackers!

Animal Cracker Zoo Cages
Create a yummy zoo animal craft.

Brown Bears
Brown Bears that are easy to make and really quite friendly.

Crocodiles with a lot of Snap!
Crocodile hand puppets with jaws that really snap!

Dimensional Monkeys
Monkeys you can really monkey around with…

Elephant Finger Puppet
Transform a paper tube into an elephant finger puppet.

Elephant Masks
Have you ever wanted to be an elephant?

Free Standing Elephants
Elegant and enormous elephants.

Gentle Giraffes
Create a gentle giraffe on a sweeping African plain.

Create an oversized sometimes aquatic animal!

Life-like Crocodiles
Free standing and fast moving crocodiles!

Lion Faces
Lovable lion faces that are quick and colorful to make.

Lion Paper Bag Puppet
A puppet that can really let out a roar!

Long Necked Giraffes
Giraffes with necks that just grow and grow!

Paper Tube Monkey
Create a cute monkey from a paper tube with pipecleaners and brown tissue paper.

The Perfect Parrot and pirate companion!

Playful artic penguins.

Polar Bears
Awesome artic polar bears

Roaring Lions
A craft fit for the king of the jungle!

Slithering Snakes
Scary slithering snakes that could sneak up on you.

Striped Zebras
Great zebras- you add the stripes!

Swinging Monkeys
Plenty of monkey business!

Trumpeting Elephants
Excellent elephants with expandable trunks!

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