Friday, December 9, 2011

Butterflies Storytime

Beautiful, bold, and flying around!

Suggested Books:

Angelina and the Butterfly
Butterfly House
Butterfly Kiss
Caterpillar And The Polliwog
Clara Caterpillar 
Farfallina and Marcel
Hurry and the Monarch 
Isabel's House of Butterflies
Toestomper and the Bad Butterflies
Waiting for Wings
Butterfly Alphabet
Butterfly Alphabet Book
Charlie the Caterpillar
I Wish I Were a Butterfly
Lamb and the Butterfly
Very Hungry Caterpillar
Where Butterflies Grow

Suggested Crafts:

Beautiful Butterfly Books
Books in a beautiful butterfly shape.

Beautiful Butterfly Mobiles
Create a fabulous and fluttering butterfly mobile!

Big Butterflies
Make some 3D Butterflies using egg carton cups and colored construction paper.

Butterflies Coloring Page
Grab your crayons and have some fun!

Butterflies Out of Hand
Use your handprints to create beautiful butterflies.

Butterfly Bracelet
Create a beautiful Butterfly bracelet from construction paper.

Butterfly Coloring Page
Grab your crayons and color a Butterfly Coloring Page

Butterfly Masks
Create colorful and vibrant butterfly masks!

Butterfly Paper Chain
Create a beautiful string of butterflies.

Butterfly Wand
Create a cool butterfly wand to fly around!

Butterfly Windsock
Create a beautiful butterfly windsock to twirl in the nice windy weather.

Cozy Cocoon
A fun butterfly project that is a snap to make!

Crazy Colored Butterflies
Create these fabulous butterflies with tissue and glue. 

Dashing Dot Caterpillars
Colorful caterpillar creations made out of dashing dots strung together!

Delightful Butterfly Puppets
Be careful these butterflies don't flutter away on you!

Easy Butterfly Coloring Page
Grab your crayons and have some fun!

Letter B becomes a Butterfly
Transform your letter B into a beautiful butterfly!

Paper Curl Butterfly
Create a simple butterfly using glue and paper curls.

Shamrock Butterflies
Create a neat butterfly from shamrocks.

Shamrock Caterpillar
Create a cool green caterpillar with shamrocks.

Simple Butterfly
Create a simple and pretty butterfly.

Simple Butterfly Coloring Page
Grab your crayons and have some fun!

Small Fluttering Butterflies
Create a delightful small fluttering butterfly.

Small Ladybugs
Make a number of small ladybugs from an egg carton

Soaring Butterfly Finger Puppets
Create a simple soaring butterfly finger puppet for lots of fun!

Sparkling Bright Butterflies
Take some wax paper and crayons and create some beautiful butterflies!

Tiny Caterpillars
Create tiny caterpillars with colorful pom-poms!

Valentine Butterfly
Create a Valentine Butterfly which will make your Valentine's heart flutter!

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