Friday, December 9, 2011

Bugs Storytime

Endearing insect stories are creeping and crawling all over the place- try this selection!

Suggested Books:

Ant, Ant, Ant!: An Insect Chant
Good Morning Garden
Hi, Fly Guy!
Leo the Lightning Bug
Oddhopper Opera: A Bug's Garden of Verses
Old Black Fly
Tiny Little Fly
Alpha Bugs
Anasi the Spider
Anthony Ant
Because a Little Bug went Ka-Choo!
Charlie the Caterpillar
Giant Jam Sandwich
Grouchy Ladybug
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Love Bugs
Miss Spider's Tea Party
Mr. Bumble
Napping House
Roly Poly Spider
Some Smug Slug
The Ant Bully
The Very Busy Spider
The Very Quiet Cricket
The Wacky Wedding
There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly
Very Hungry Caterpillar
Very Lonely Firefly
Why Mosquitoes buzz in People's Ears

Suggested Crafts:

African Fly Whisks
A fun and very useful African craft!

Ambling Ants
Fun-loving ants that are perfect for any picnic!

Beautiful Butterfly Books
Books in a beautiful butterfly shape.

Beautiful Butterfly Mobiles
Create a fabulous and fluttering butterfly mobile!

Bee Coloring Page
Grab your crayons and have some fun!
Bug Hat
Transform yourself into a bug with this great hat

Bugs are a Ball
Transform styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners into beautiful bugs

Bumble Bee Balloon
Create a floating bumblebee project!

Butterflies Coloring Page
Grab your crayons and have some fun!

Butterflies Out of Hand
Use your handprints to create beautiful butterflies.

Butterfly Bracelet
Create a beautiful Butterfly bracelet from construction paper.

Butterfly Coloring Page
Grab your crayons and color a Butterfly Coloring Page

Butterfly Masks
Create colorful and vibrant butterfly masks!

Butterfly Paper Chain
Create a beautiful string of butterflies.

Buzzing Beehive 
Create a fun beehive with paints and stamps!

Buzzing Bumblebee Mobile
These bumblebees are buzzing through the air suspended in a colorful bumblebee mobile.

Caterpillar on a Leaf
A fun pompom craft to make!
Climbing Caterpillars
Simple to make climbing caterpillars with fuzzy feelers!

Colorful Expanding Caterpillars
These colorful creatures will expand and transform right before your very eyes.

Creepy Crawly Ants
The ants come marching, two by two…

Creepy Crawly Spiders
Spiders that creep and crawl…

Dangling Spiders
Spiders that can drop down and really scare you!

Transform a simple clothespin into a dragonfly.

Egg Carton Bugs
Make some incredibly cool bugs from egg carton egg cups

Egg Carton Dragon Fly
Make a fabulous dragon fly using simple everyday materials!

Egg Carton Spiders
Create a scary spider from an egg carton!

Enter the Bee Hive
Create an active bee hive of your own.

Fabulous Frog Catching a Fly! 
Do you like frogs? Have you ever read Frog and Toad, or Peach and Blue? Those are two wonderful frog stories you shouldn't miss! Would you like to create your own frog?

Fingerpaint Spiders
Lots of painting fun!

Fingerprint Creepy Crawlies
Dab your fingers in paint and grab your markers to create some awesome Creepy Crawlies.

Fireflies in a Bright Night Sky
Fireflies that really light up the dark night!

Flashing Fireflies
Create your own flashing fireflies.

Flying Ladybugs
Create some bright red ladybugs wiht black spots

Icky Bugs
Do you like creepy, crawly, dangling bugs?

Lady Bug Paperweights
Transform round rocks into delightful lady bugs with a little bit of paint and a soft felt bottom!

Lady Bugs
Lucky ladybugs!

Large Lady Bugs
Transform a paper bowl into a large and lucky Lady Bug!

Letter B becomes a Butterfly
Transform your letter B into a beautiful butterfly!

Letter I becomes an Insect
Transform your letter I into an Insect

Life-like Spider Lollipops!
The perfect trick-or-treat candy craft!

One Very Scary Bug!
Do you like scary bugs or just bugs in general? If you do, this craft might be just the one for you!

Roly Poly Bugs
Create some simple and scary bugs from paper rolls.

Scary Spiders Spinning Webs
Scary spiders with webs!

Simple Bumblebee 
A quick and easy Bumblebee craft you are sure to enjoy!

Simple Butterfly
Create a simple and pretty butterfly.

Small Fluttering Butterflies
Create a delightful small fluttering butterfly.

Small Simple Spiders
Create a simple spider using a paper plate and colored paper.

Soaring Butterfly Finger Puppets
Create a simple soaring butterfly finger puppet for lots of fun!

Sparkling Bright Butterflies
Take some wax paper and crayons and create some beautiful butterflies!

Spider Coloring Page
Grab your crayons and have some fun!

Spooky Spider Hats
There's a Spider on your Head! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Super Centipede
Create a super centipede using egg cups from egg cartons

Tiny Buzzing Bees
Buzz! Buzz! Create an adorable buzzing bee!

Walking Stick Bug
Transform a twig into an interesting insect.

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